Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I like to move it move it....

Yes I like that song it's cute.Anywho I got inspired from SCHIs post about all the things she was doing this summer. That helped me to want to do more ,to be honest I had done so well exercising and keeping up with things before the 4th of July vacation. But....So much has happened since I have been home that I have fallen off of my Get it done train. Well time to get back on track Plus unfortunately for my family I realized that If I'm not happy with the shape I or my house is in than I get pretty grouchy. It's just the truth so in order to keep my family and I in a happy mood I got to stay happy with myself. Whenever I am feeling  down I remember something good. Here's 1 thing I can definitely say made me smile. So my pooch was on the porch yesterday and all of a sudden started barking wildly . I knew it was about to rain,so I got on some comfy clothes and was heading out to sit with her(I do that when It rains because I like the rain and it calms pooch.)So as I was heading out the door BANG BANG BANG thunder and Lightening scared the "you know whats" out of  me. I told the dog to come on and we spent the remainder of the day enjoying each others company INDOORS! Also as I walked her afterwards she was not trying to get (her precious little paws wet) Yep she's prissy but it's cute. Back to work I go, now that I have my happy thoughts I got things to do,I realized another tip it's hard to spend time feeling sorry for yourself ,If you keep busy and have no time LOL .


  1. I get a bit grumpy if my house is messy too, because I know that I have to clean it up and I don't want to, haha!

  2. oh I'm with ya. It stresses me out! Do not get me wrong, I have nothing on Martha Stewart :) But I do not like a cluttered or dirty home :) Love the pics!!


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