Monday, July 12, 2010

Forget me Nots!

So with all the new things that are going on in my life I have began losing not keeping up with things.It's not even the unusual things I'm losing but the basic things I use everyday.I tried singing to the tune of hokey pokey ...Get my watch now and my keys today ,throw it in my purse and I will be on my way ....But I still forgot and even lost basic things. I mean I'd lay my keys down on a random table.Place my phone down on a bed where it was hopelessly lost within a mess of covers,while I prayed the ringer was turned on. Well the turning point was when I had a business trip......I was scheduled to leave for a business trip on Fri and travel back home on Sunday ,just a quick business trip.Well the trip felt days longer when I was about an hour from my destination and realized I had left my phone back at home.How on earth could I leave my phone at home. So enough was enough; I arrived at home to find my phone laughing in my face on the top of the sofa.I figured it out I found a clear place on top of a counter top ,wrote on a post it note everything that I take on a daily basis and stuck it to the wall in front of the counter.So I know I'll have all my basic essentials, also whenever there is something I don't usually need but need to have that day,I simply lay it by my purse on the counter top.I made a vow that there will be no more forgetting simple things LOL.  If you don't have a free spot on a counter find a small table.

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