Monday, July 5, 2010

The Other Man


I caught ya'll off guard with that title didn't I? Let me start off by saying it's not what you think.  My dear husband was growing his hair out.  He was doing it because he was a little self-conscious about his lack of hair in the middle of his head.  The bald spot doesn't bother me at all but when you start growing your hair out it kind of  looks as if all the hair your growing is running away from the bald spot.  Now, I'm not liking the hair too much.  I begged and pleaded with him to get a hair cut.  He would not! We went through the whole pinky-promise thing and everything.  Still no hair cut!  Then he had the nerve to ask me to put his hair in a pony-tail for him. That's where I draw the line!!! Now how could I lovingly let him know that the hair had to go?  I went bible on him.  I reminded him how his body was not his own and MY (his) hair needed to be cut.  He FINALLY agreed to a hair cut.  He left to get his hair cut while I stayed home with the kids.  You would not believe that I thought a stranger walked through my door when he had gotten back.  My husband had gotten his hair cut and looked EXACTLY like when we got married! He was so handsome. I could hardly take my eyes off of him.  Everyone complimented him on his hair. He looked like a new man. I told him that he looked so different that when I kissed him it kinda felt like I cheated on my husband with another man. We both laughed so hard. Yeah, he's "The Other Man". He's already everything I could ever ask for in a husband and the his new look is just a little bonus.

1 comment:

  1. That is too cool. I love it when my hubs gets his hair cut and looks all clean shaven. What a cute post.


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