Saturday, July 10, 2010

Health and Fitness Motivators

I just wanted to share some things that are helping me to get on track with my annual health and fitness goals. I have an extremely hard time getting motivated to workout. I feel like I'm way too busy to exercise so I wanted to let you guys in on some motivators...

  • THE SHRED SISTERS - Those ladies are AWESOME!!!! They are just some average ladies who have committed to working out and are a great encouragers. For me, I like encouragement from regular, down-to-earth people, not some super-human exercise junkies. That's just where I'm at :-)
  • Spark People - This is an awesome site that's absolutely free.  You can keep a food log and keep track of your calories, keep track of your fitness,... This site just has so much to offer. I've been keeping track of my calories on this site and it has been so helpful. The first week I lost 4 lbs. just by eating within my recommended calorie range.
  • Dr. Phil's Cookbook - Now, I don't too much care for Dr. Phil. I haven't really seen him on T.V. but a few times, but when I did view him he didn't seem to be a very compassionate person. I could be wrong. I'm not really a daytime T.V. person to begin with. But his cookbook has quite a few recipes in it that won't break the bank when you go to buy the ingredients. The recipes are yummy and filling.
  • A WORK-OUT BUDDY- I have a friend who lives down the street and I go to her house to workout a few times a week. We are both watching our calories and doing pretty much the same things. Also, she has three young kids as do I. The accountability is super helpful. Also, we have standing appointments to workout with one another so there's no getting away from exercising :-)


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