Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gift

No I'm not talking about the movie. LOL I am on the other hand speaking about my birthday gift.For those who don't know me, lets just say I do not ever ask for anything on my birthday.I feel like if someone wants to give me something they can without me having to make notice of it.So never the less  it has been over 5 years since I have really done anything for my b-day or received a gift.(I was blessed to have my parents come down one year and buy me 2 outfits for  work ,which was very sweet.)Ok I'm losing track I do that a lot. I enjoy calling up family or making/buying them the perfect gift.So I was surprised to hear my sis had bought and sent a gift to me!
TO ME! yes I was excited.oh yeah this is funny when the fed ex guy arrived at my house it was 0'dark thirty in the morning.I had on pajamas and my hair was doing a different style on each side(one side was... child who tried to pull hair back and then went on a roller coaster.The other side was ...forget a hair tie just straight Afro.)So guy knocks on the door and I hightail it into my bedroom pull out the 1st pair of shorts I can find run in the bathroom throw water on my hair and  answer the door.All that just to close the door and realize The water made my hair worse,and the shorts I chose were very wrinkled and 1 half of my shirt was tucked into my shorts.O well can't win them all.So I was excited to receive my package  I was about to open it buttttttt I have this thing where I don't open things ahead of time and since it's not my b-day I didn't want to ruin the surprise.So I wrapped it ,yes I sure did;I wrapped that puppy in some Hot pink wrapping paper wrote a little note to myself and called my sister. Needless to say sis is a little a Lot impatient.She persisted on me ripping open the paper and busting through the box. To no prevail she will have to wait. Heck she only has 11 days to wait I think she can do it!

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