Monday, July 26, 2010

Cake mistake!!

Well as most of you should know by previous post my birthday just fell on the 19th of July. Well it just so happens that I have a close friend who has her birthday on that very same date.So being as money is kind of tight and I am already frugal to begin with I was thinking of what I should give her. I finally decided that a cake would be nice. She had told me in a prior conversation that she was a little upset that no one had made her a cake at work (considering they do a cake for everyone else.) So I was going to do this fabulous fun cake..(you can see a pic on one of the last post) Any who... So cake it is! Well timing was off and she had taken off to celebrate her birthday so towards the middle of the week I decided ,well.... it's only one person I can just give her a piece of the cake I had already made. Good there was only one piece left , I had assigned hubby NOT TO TOUCH!!! In the midst of me worrying about someone eating the cake ;I gracefully place the piece into the fridge.I was to give my friend the cake on Sat so being as it was Friday night I wanted to double check my work. To my terrible surprise I realized that I had placed the cake into the fridge without a cover . The cake is dried out yes DRY!!!! LOL so I told myself make another one it was 11o'clock at night I was not about to bake a cake,wait for it to cool,cut it,decorate it ,and cover it ALL for one person or a bunch a co-workers that didn't care to make her a cake to begin with... Ok that was snotty off ..where was I ?? Oh yeah so I had gotten a brilliant idea *cupcakes I quickly mixed the batter for cupcakes dumped them into a pan and baked 20 min later cupcakes. Needless to say I rain out of frosting But I had enough to do 4 beautifully fun cupcakes.I placed them in a dainty box and whoola. She loved them and well I got more frosting yesterday so cupcakes are about to be my breakfast, lunch and dinner unless I can find someone to had them off too.
Wish me luck LOL

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