Friday, July 2, 2010

keeping it Moving!

Well I'm sure you probably noticed there was no post for yesterday(heck I just noticed.)So I wanted to tell you all about my wonderfully busy day. First here's what my checklist looked like.
  • Go to dollar store
  • Go to bank
  • Grab toy from toy store
  • pick up products
  • meet up with lady for appt.
Easy enough right LOL....But I forgot I have to drop off hubby before I go to pick up products,(products=some dog food,certain vitamins that I take and other necessities I get from 1 particular place)Well I had to place an order first which in turn got lost ,so I ended up losing 2 hours of my time.After that I ran to the dollar store and Needed to hit the bank which was in a totally opposite direction lol. Needless to say I forgot to pick up my nephews birthday present;which reminded me I had to run by the post office and grab a box  to mail it.Soooo I ran back out the door and went to the mall,thankfully they had just what He asked for.I drove by the post office and  grabbed 2 boxes (1 extra for luck.) Now I rushed back to the house crammed everything into the box ,handcrafted a card and called to confirm my appt.Well the lady had to meet up early so... I cleaned the house as quickly as possible(the one thing my hubby asked me to do.)Unloaded the car of all the products threw a change of clothes in my purse and again ran out the door.I met up with the lady just in time to rush away from there,pick up husband and arrive at a part time job, Whoosh now I'm not complaining I actually loved it, I think because I completed every task that I needed to.I just wanted to let you all know what I did I hope I didn't bore you AND please tell me about your busy experiences.

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