Monday, March 29, 2010

2 POST IN 1 !!!

So this is how I figured the idea to put two post in one.. I always have sooo much to tell you  but sometimes don't write it all because I don't won't to bore you, but as I opened this months issue of Dog Fancy I realized something unique about it. They had made it a  double issue so I got two magazines in 1. At first I wasn't that excited till I started reading both .WOW they had packed so much stuff in that magazine it was an excellent deal. So speaking about dogs first. Here my first post.

Title:What's Wrong With My Dog!!!

So I have a very good dog, That I happened to raise since she was a pup. Needless to say she was also very VERY spoiled. I gave and give that dog whatever I think she's asking for(in doggy language of course)
It all started Bright and Early one morning at 3 a.m when my once no barking wonderful dog was barking and howling so loud it woke me up. At first I Freaked I didn't know what was wrong with her I took her to the vet they found NOTHING. I gave her everything ;The barking just began to get worse and Worse not only that she began having accidents everywhere. OLD AGE??? You may ask NO. Just pure boredom. Just in case you think I 'm exaggerating here's how bad it was,The neighborhood security guard called me up and Told me my dog was barking so loud I needed to come home and that  He had checked the premises and found nothing.. What shall I do.... I tried everything EVERYTHING..When both my Husband and I were at our wits end. He told me to get rid of her (HAHAHA Never) I was going to call the Dog Whisperer. I had an epiphany OK well it wasn't that serious but I had a thought . It wasn't the  dog it was me. I can't believe I'm saying this but I was to blame. She had been so good all these years without having any kind of set schedule that I never thought she needed one. But she did , not because she was bad but because dogs need to have a feeling of usefulness. SO I made a schedule that would work around ANY possible thing in my life that would come up (well almost anything)and I stuck with it. We haven't had a problem since. Not only that but she knows when she's going to eat ,play and sleep and almost does all of it without my keeping her on track.

Title: Pictures by Request...

I am finally responding to the many request I was getting about a post titled (CHOP CHOP!) In case your wondering about the post It was about finding other uses for items in your closet that you are about to toss in the trash.. Simply Chopping, folding sewing or crocheting things that you haven't wore in a while due to "wearing distress." So here are a few things I've pulled out of my closet and gave a makeover to....


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