Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Switch it Up..

 Ok so have you ever taken YOUR time out of YOUR day to fix your husband  or child a lunch. I know that's your job as a parent (mother)but Have they ever just started whining "I'm tired of peanut butter jelly "
I was being told that nearly everyday and It was exhausting and kind of hurtful.Especially since they weren't offering any other suggestions. So using my woman power I thought" I need to switch it up in a way that they won't really notice" So the switching began and I haven't had any whining since.So here's a few.
1. Peanut butter comes in creamy and crunchy (use that to your advantage)
;about every few days switch the peanut butter....&
2.Jelly comes in different flavors too. Switch from strawberry to grape and any other flavors you might have.
the children will love it and may even start making a guessing game out of it
3.Buy a mix pack of chips Change the chips everyday
4.Throw in a little treat rather it be a candy bar,cookie,twinkie or any other thing..
5. Fruits always fun and easy too,try different types like apples,bananas,pears ect
Have fun with it , It makes your life easier and your Children will appreciate it.

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