Friday, March 5, 2010

Fraud Everywhere!!

I do not mean to sound pessimistic but I have encountered an old but new to me event. So first I will tell you I am not the kinda of person a scam artist would want to scam. I'm very secretive about my personal information and I definitely never answer any emails from people or places I don't know,( I will admit it.I delete ANY and everything.) Well while online today I decided that I wanted to handle any and all business matters, I 'm not an online-work type of girl.So first things first: check my email right... well while checking my email I received some information from my bank (I know I hear everywhere about banking scams)but while in my rush to scurry through my online-work documents,I opened the email from my "bank". I scim through the info only to find out that someone had entered invalid passwords on my account and the bank was scheduled to suspend my account today if I didn't verify.So I click the link to verify my account and nothing happened.I clicked again and again finally in the most frustrated state I could possibly be in at that time, I called the bank. Long story somewhat cut short I realized that NO my account wasn't going to be suspended the bank never even sent me out an EMAIL. I was being scammed for my personal information so that someone could hack into my account!!! Thank GOD the link didn't work because as ashamed as I am to admit I would've been scammed today if it would've worked. SO please if you get any emails especially from your financial institutions requesting ANY info just call the bank ASAP.Most banks have a fraud email where if you do receive a scam email you can forward it and they can trace it..But after looking back at the email I noticed a couple points that would've gave the scammer away if I wasn't rushing. Here they are...
1.)the FROM sender name was My Bank BUT the email didn't say My Bank.
2.)They did not put my name anywhere in the email
3.)The date at which my acct. was to be suspended was in red (they typically have other colors or fonts because they send out sooo many emails that they can't possibly change all of them so its on an auto responder)
4.)No bank will ask for personal info (They already have it!)
Please be safe I hope these tips help...

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