Friday, March 19, 2010

Excited about....... LIST ?

When I was smaller my sister and I talked about everything, So it wasn't a surprise when I wanted to live with her. I remember the first day I was with her she came back from getting groceries and asked me ,"Are you ready." So In my head I was thinking ,Ready for what? But because I am an optimist without hesitation I simply said,"Yes! Before I knew it she begin to read me her ENTIRE grocery list AND prices. It was agonizing (to say the least) But I loved her so much I didn't say anything to her about it,(well not until about the 5th time she did it)

Yea that 5th time got me ;when she got up to read that list I couldn't help myself I started moaning almost whining anything I had to do to get out of her reading that Gosh Darn List,but to no avail she started reading. The whole time I lived her with her she read me every grocery receipt she brought. I started calling it collateral for her letting my live at her house. Well I moved out and Remembering like it was yesterday ,I went shopping for my first grocery list and to how do you say.... GET BACK I called her.(Oh yea you bet I did) I read that whole list IN ITS ENTIRETY. To my surprise she was more excited then I was. She started giving me recipes and ideas for every meal you can think of. I'm almost ashamed to admit it but I started loving it. Every time I got anything I called and anytime she got anything I was the first to say read me the list Read Me The List (I just can't believe I'm saying that) Well lets move on.. SO now everyday my Sister or I go grocery shopping, we read each other our receipts, and give each other ideas as well as where we can get the lowest prices. It's great I would suggest everyone get a grocery buddy,And just call them up and give each other ideas.. Have fun (even if you have to force it on someone at first . I can say It's Worth it.


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