Thursday, March 11, 2010


Remember your mother used to tell you THAT all the time. I heard it nearly everyday growing up and have passed it to my family. Every morning I'm telling my husband or children.Eat something before you go. Not realizing that I totally failed to do that myself.I was just in the habit of saying it NOT doing it. So something needed to change ..I knew they said eating helped you focus and gave you the energy you need but is that really ALL because, I was waking up NOT eating anything and I was still full of energy and focused(well as focused as I had to be considering I was just staying at home ..LOL)So I did some research and don't laugh if you already knew this because I didn't.But during the day you eat to maintain a metabolism which in turn gives you a healthy energy level (I knew that part) But what I didn't know IS while you sleep your metabolism stops. Did You hear me it STOPS!!! also it will not start back until you EAT. Therefore you can go with out food if you don't want your metabolism to start back . Other than that EAT YOUR BREAKFAST.If your like me and have a hard time eating in the morning just try a couple boiled eggs(since eggs are soo great for you) or a piece of fruit.


  1. That's good advice! As for me, nothing else takes place in my day until after I've spent time with the Lord and have eaten:-) No problems with missing a meal here:-P

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can't function unless I eat breakfast.


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