Monday, March 1, 2010

A former member of "Coffee Anonymous"

For years I've started my day with a pot of coffee, and it didn't stop there, I would also have coffee throughout the day. I think I was a coffee addict. I say "was" because I  was reading online a few places and saw that coffee makes your body hold onto it's fat. Well... I definately DO NOT want my body holding onto any extra fat. I mean I have enough in reserve to last me the rest of my days already:-) I think I enjoy the caffeine the most. It helps me wake up and keep some energy all through the day. Also, I'm sure you coffee drinkers know that as soon as you get a coffee jolt, you get a coffee low. I'm ready to put down that coffee cup! I have a wonderful replacement. It's more healthy and doesn't give you all the highs and lows like coffee...YERBA MATE! You heard me, it's tea. Yerba Mate contains more antioxidants then green tea and has a strong taste sort of like coffee. I've been putting it in my coffee maker and it works for me! So if you, like me want to put down that coffee or if you're not ready for all that but would like to try something new, go ahead give Yerba Mate tea a try. You won't be disappointed!

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