Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too old for Panty Hose

So I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue but I doubt it! Here goes so I usually do not wear panty hose unless I have a professional get together or if I feel a skirt is a little too short.So I had a photo shoot to attend and was told to wear panty hose. I had some older ones at home but decided I needed some newer ones so off I went. Man I don't know but either a store didn't have my size,color,material or just plain style that I wanted.I went everywhere ,(I don't even like pantyhose) But I kept looking. It's like everything was getting in the way of me finding some good pantyhose, I mean If I'm gonna buy pantyhose I want to WANT to wear them. Hummm how many times can I say pantyhose lol. I finally grabbed whatever I could find and I tell you pantyhose nowadays are pricey.I got nude color,fishnet,black,blue,shiny any type you can mention I bought,Grand total $65. I thought I did good(yeah right)When I finally got home I had to try them on ,it was crazy.They were too tight,itchy,ugly,skimpy and just plain odd.I found some good ones out of the group but at the end of the day I don't care to see another pair of pantyhose again. DONE ,NADA, NO MORE.!
Of course...... one of the pairs looked kinda cute,another would be great with a suit actually I could find one to use with dresses,skirts,pantsuits,shorts and any other type of clothing....Man pantyhose can't live with them can't live with out them....Oh BTW I found the longest lasting pantyhose come from target I know you would've never guessed but yes Target.Not Dillards,Sears,JC pennys but Target.


  1. I HATE PANTYHOSE :) Won't even consider wearing them!! LOL Guess that makes me a rebel **sigh**

    I totally believe that about Target having the best ones though! Glad you found some you like cause IF you have to wear them then you should definitely be comfortable! (or as comfortable as one can be wearing them!)

  2. Oh pantyhose, oh pantyhose.
    How is our love hate relationship?
    Nobody nose!

    That poem best describes how I feel about pantyhose. I love them, but at times I don't!


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