Tuesday, June 15, 2010

COUPON BINDER...a work in progress

 I know you all think I've forgotten about my coupon binder, I haven't :-) I just didn't wanna run out and purchase everything I needed so it's been coming along little by little. You can use a regular 3 ring binder if you don't already have or wanna go out and buy a zippered binder. My sister (SCH II) was gracious enough to send me a 3 ring binder that closes with Velcro. She already had it sitting around at home. Also, I found the baseball card holders at Dollar Tree, a pack of 10 sheets for $1. I picked up some for my sister too :-) I already had a price comparison sheet in my Home Management Binder that I had to transfer. I'm placing the local grocery store ads and coupon books in there also. Here's pics. of the progress:


  1. OMG! What a great job you're doing. I knew you would make it look good,but I never would've imagined it looking that great and professional!

  2. I am doing a coupon binder too. I am using the 3x5 picture pocket holders for the coupons though. I found them and the binder at a garage sale for $1. I was so excited. I started printing labels for the pockets too. I am getting there as well.


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