Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So it's my sisters Birthday (SCH1) and I am always on top of my game when it comes to birthdays. I call and wish everyone a happy birthday before they rise out of bed , than I call and tell everyone else not to forget it's Such and such birthday(funny but works for our family) Well needless to say my family ,specifically my sisters are becoming quite creative. They no longer need the phone call but wish for something more. I mean I called Amy (while I was at the store)I generally get her something extra special, But I asked her what she would like. Mind you I was starring at many potential and desirable gifts , wallets,purses,sunglasses.......And she says "letter!" Ok I think I can do this I will type up a beautiful letter, border it with a nice design and email it. NOPE my creative sister wants a hand written, hand mailed and creative letter.Shes so sweet that is all she asked for but I am not much of a writer. I mean granted I can toss out a poem in 2 min flat but when it comes to the people I love it will takes days .So the birthday was June 1st Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am getting her a letter and it will be late, But She will get it and hopefully in the future I can be a  little prompter. That is if my sisters don't switch it up on me again lol. You gotta love 'em !


  1. I love handwritten letters too. Nothing better than that! What a sweet sister she is and you are.

  2. What a fun idea! I love it ~ if you write blog posts ~ surely you can write a letter ~ right?! =) I am participating in a Snail Mail pen pal sort of thing ~ and I am going to write someone in my address book each time I write my pen pal ~ starting with my sisters! it is challenging me ~ you see I can't get a birthday card out on time to save my life! =) anyway ~ I Found you on He & Me + 3's blog comment section! =)

  3. Wow Thank you all for the comments: Also SMD what a great idea maybe if I start a snail mail pen pal I can be on time with the birthday cards LOL!


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