Friday, June 25, 2010

Puppy Toy!

So I Had made a puppy toy for my dog(Annie) and I was thinking this would be a great thing for other dog lovers to do!If you have read some of my dog post before you will see I make toys for my dog to play with. Well I was having problems with her barking through the night.Every pet lover will know that after a while you can tell what the barks mean. Hers at the time meant "mommy I slept all day and now I want you to play with me.)HAHAHA I am not playing with nobody at 1am,you know not to mention we have neighbors. SO we had to fix it! Well I found out that eating for dogs gives them energy,I should have known that,buuuttt I didn't. Well I was feeding her in the middle of the day which was giving her energy, so when we slept she was wide awake.I tried giving her food in the morning but she wouldn't eat it. So I thought I have to make a game out of this.So I made a toy where the food comes out little by little as she tosses it around.(you've probably heard of something like that) Well I didn't want to buy one from the store so I decided I would make her one and see how it works. So Here's how you make it.
Supplies Needed...
1 empty plastic peanut butter jar
1 Sharp knife, or good hole punch
doggies Favorite food

Directions: Clean out peanut butter jar very well.(I gave mine to pooch to lick out the sides and I clean what she couldn't reach.)
Take a knife and cut a small hole in both sides of the peanut butter jar.(the hole should be a little bigger than 2 pieces of the dogs food.)
Cover the hole with your fingers and fill the container up with food.Close lid and give to pooch.
*Please make sure the holes are smooth so they do not cut your dog. Also this is great because if pooch really has fun and wears it out ,you can make a new one have fun.
BTW This has cured her boredom and has helped her with over and under eating!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. I might have to try that. Thanks for sharing.


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