Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remarks of a 3 yr old

pics for  birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
So everyone has got to hear how cute Arianas party was, however since auntie is not in the same state  I will let Mommy (sch1) tell you all about it. All I know is it is a tradition in our family to call one another on birthdays and sing them the Birthday song. So seeing as we have more sisters (which means more Aunties) we all scuffle to be the first to call. I called, oh yeah buddy I was early I thought... for sure Ariana was up and Her mom would be up "enough" for her to pass the phone to the baby. So I called .... No answer So I waited a couple hours and called again.......No answer. I gave up and left a voice mail (not of the song of course) Any-who that gave me plenty of time to look online for a cute video for her to watch (3 yr old's have short attention spans-I have a short attention span) Wait I'm losing sight of the subject Stay with me. So I posted a cute video for my niece. Finally I get a call back ,it took about 5 min just to coax her onto the phone (yeah she knew what was coming) Finally arriving on the phone she says,"Hey Auntie ,then jumble jumble jumble (well she was saying something I just had no clue what it was) So when she stops chatting I proceed into the "Birthday Song"  Happy birthday to you .Happy birthday to DROP. She dropped the phone and High tailed it out of the room. OK I remained calmed I was determined to get this song to her one way or the other. I told sis"Take my niece and go look at the blog" Away they went..... I hear the prelude to the song and all of a sudden the cutest laughter in the world starts coming from this 3 yr old.Of course it took her about 5 times before she could sit through the whole thing(but that wasn't her short attention span ,that's because she was embarrassed because the Chip Muncks were singing her a song. I tell you at the end of the day it was so worth it to hear that 7-10 mins of straight laughter belting out of this cute lil 3 yr old.
enjoy and cherish the moments!

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