Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quite Tired!

Ok I think all ladies go through this but if not ,I know I go through this about twice a year.I will wake up and see what all needs to be done within my house to keep it running and I just get tired thinking about it. So today being one of those days I woke up ,got hubby out the door and climbed right back into my soft ,big ,wonderful bed.I slept the morning away ,which is not my demeanor at all. What was the problem I kept asking myself and here's the response I came up with. While husbands are at work a wife does soooooo much work without thinking about it,Meanwhile sometimes in the back of their heads (or my head) We start feeling like what we do is not enough. So with that said I begin to push myself harder and harder until my body is drained. Solution yea you bet I came up with a solution . I wake up and figure what is the highest priority (rather it be cleaning the kitchen or paying bills) and I think in my head that 1 thing is the only thing that you really need to get done THAT'S it, if I (or you) do more, good for you . Just remember stay at home Moms (or Dads) You're only One person .Don't over do it.
I hope this helped someone it has definitely helped me and I'm getting way more stuff done than I was before. YAY !

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