Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free or Frugal Fun

 The kids and I have been having just so much fun!!! The kind I love-free or frugal. We've taken lots of trips to the library, museums, swimming pools... All this fun for free or very cheap. I entered the kids in the library's summer reading program and right away they received coupons to many different amusements. My two youngest just completed their summer reading and received a free day pass to the amusement park here which also includes a free water park, YAY!!! Beau Jr. is now in the teen reading program so it's taking him a little longer to finish up. I also put them in the reading program with Barnes and Noble and once they've read six books they receive a free book. Bakari has already read his six books so he allowed Beau Jr. to pick a book out instead and then when Beau has completed the program he'll let Bakari choose a book. We're also enjoying trips to local museums that are always free and then museums and the zoo when they have free days. We've been invited to quite a few indoor pool parties which has been nice. We have a set spending amount of $5 for a birthday gift and you wouldn't believe the great things we find in stores like Ross, Dollar Tree, and the $1 section at Target. The kids usually make a homemade card and we reuse gift bags. Sometimes if the bag is plain then I'll have our little artist, Bakari, decorate the bag. The park is always a free and fun place to go. We like to pack a picnic and spend a couple of hours there. The boys will be in VBS in a couple of weeks. Ariana is not old enough for VBS, but since I'm volunteering to help, she gets to attend. YAY for her! VBS is just too much fun to miss! Oh and I almost forgot, we have a free community pool where we live so if we're ever at a loss for what to do we can swim.

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