Friday, June 4, 2010

When's the best time to exercise?

So I have been thinking about this for a while because a lot of people get demotivated because of this very question. You have to find a time that makes you feel good about yourself. Have you ever been invited to the gym with a friend and they are exercising like crazy and you just can't find the energy. It' probably because that's her exercise time but Not yours; Keep following me....Here are some examples My sis (sch1) Is like a machine she can pick up and exercise at any point of the day. My Mother has to exercise in the evening as soon as she arrives home. I have to workout in the morning(or as soon as I wake up) and My other sis gets bored easy and has to switch up times in the day to keep with it.You need to experiment with the times that may work best for you.Another analogy, If Sis (sch1) came to me to exercise at 5:30 pm I could: A.)go and be miserable B.)Not go C.) Go and not do anything. Working out is all about getting to know your own body.If you don't know yourself enough to change habits that you know aren't good,or exercise at a time that works best for you ,you will never see change. Also remember at first you will think No time works good that's just you in denial that a change does need to take place But believe me you will find that perfect time and enjoy it.

1 comment:

  1. I have fallen off the workout wagon this week...too busy...but need to hop back on.


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