Friday, June 11, 2010

mixed up muffins

Alright I was invited to luncheon with some personal friends of mine. They decided it would be a great idea for it to be a covered dish(everyone brings a homemade dish to eat)Well I didn't put that into perspective when I had gone grocery shopping.So I had to think think think... Humm what could I make considering it started at 11am.Muffins (great idea from my mother) So, here I go to make homemade muffins from scratch which unfortunately I have to say is my first time making them from scratch (what those pre made muffin mixes are so darn tempting.) So Here I go calling up my sis(sch1) to help. She gave me some great recipes however the muffins came out completely different. My first muffins were oatmeal{cute,lil and a bit hard}The second muffins were Maple and they came out{ugly, big and soft} Yep see the difference any who The cute ones were a little on the bland side (which allowed my sis(sch1) to remind me they're muffins not cupcakes.)But I  thought they should have some flavor lol . The second muffins OH so delicious the only thing is I ran out of ingredients for both of them. So needless to say I will take both different types I'm sure some will like the sweet and some will like the bland. Oh yeah before I forget (sch1) gave me a great recipe for strussle topping I will try and put that on the bland ones.Here's pics of the muffins I'm sure you can tell which is which lol


  1. I love muffins so I would eat either one. Butter makes everything better too. :)

  2. You're right MiMi, butter DOES make everything better :-)


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