Monday, June 21, 2010

Different Strokes for different folks!

So I wanted to find out different hings that families did to celebrate Fathers Day. I thought it was interesting to find out the different Strokes. For instance I called up my Father from out of town,To find out that He and my mother had gone out for Breakfast!Then I called my mother in law and father in law,to invite them out to eat with my husband and I.To find out that they cooked food and decided to nap all day!I had also been invited to many BBQs that friends were having.Then there were folks that just disappeared lol No telling what they do to relax.As for my husband and I, we went to the house after church and we had a late late breakfast.I just found it interesting that we could find so many other ways to celebrate. We usually just go out to a nice dinner, but this way was soooo much more relaxing.Now off to a busy day for me . I am going through the entire house today cleaning.Yep Every room is getting cleaned along with the dog getting bathed. I can't wait ,Pray for me I just hope I get all done!

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