Friday, June 18, 2010

Lets talk weight loss!

Alright you might say I have a little fetish about maintaining a healthy weight but you know what I'm not over weight. Now I'm am going to get detailed and rash,so if you can't handle Please stop reading this post.
I have never had a problem losing a couple extra pounds (it's self discipline) The best way to help you understand what I mean is with an analogy so here goes. As we are little we drink breast milk and gradually begin eating and trying new things until we are older and have seen about every type of food imaginable.It's is instilled in us since Birth to eat either good or bad. We are blessed in our country to have so many types of food and have open access but some people gorge themselves on the unhealthiness.Where in some parts of Africa they have no form of sustenance to the point where they eat mud cookies (video at the bottom.)  Again we are taught our eating habits. So now that we have established that I will move right along.
1.)Losing some water weight can be easy to lose as well as easy to put back on.I call this detoxifying the intestines. Drinking plenty of fluids help maintain a healthy water weight. About once every 1-2 months I will only drink water for 2-3 days.
2.)Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a lot of fruits and veggies will help (I know I know it can get boring)switch it up,but I guarantee that if you choose fruit over that sandwich you'll look and feel much better. If I am just craving that burger or whatever it may be , I will grab a piece of fruit first and  if still hungry eat the burger or Whatever,(the fruit will help you to eat less,or may even change your initial craving)
3.)Tone it up While eating fruit will help you get to a desired weight you may still wish to tone up. We will call it an extra bonus. Of course you have to exercise Yea I SAID EXERCISE. Please don't waste your time telling me or yourself that you don't have time ,Ill keep it simple Make Time(if you own a t.v,you have time)You don't have to go all out and hit the gym 3 times a week.The majority of my exercise is done right at my house(and NO I don't have a gym in my house)
4.) Motivation I.Y.C.B.M.B.L.A.Y ,Then No one can help you!(definition at the bottom in bold)
It's that simple. As Humans it's our nature to take something simple and make it difficult. DON'T. Get up, stop feeling sorry for yourself and DO something about it. I set my goal for this month , Have You?You can always retrain your thinking.There is No special weight lose pill NO WHERE (so give it up) and remember Fast weight off ,will be fast weight back on. Slow weight off , will be slow weight back on.Have fun changing your lives for the better Oh yeah If You Can't Be Motivated By Looking At Yourself , then no one can motivate you.

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