Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was visiting some bloggers and saw that many of them had coupon binders. I looked more into it and thought that is exactly what I need. I am a huge coupon fan. My last trip to the grocery store, I used around $138.00 in coupons. It's so very worth it to take the time to clip the coupons for items that you already buy. Anyway, sometimes my coupons get mixed up and don't get used when I needed them or sometimes they expire. A coupon binder in it's most basic form is a binder with plastic baseball card holders inside (the kind you find near the front by the registers in Wal-Mart). It's so neat because you can actually see your coupons and place duplicates behind them. I'm telling you guys all of this because next week SCH II and I(AMY) will be making our own. I'm gonna see just how little money I can use but it still be nice and functional. We'll take pictures along the way. Here's a LINK for anyone who might wanna have a binder but you don't have time or motivation to make one  yourself. Here's a video on how to make a coupon binder 


  1. OMG! I love this post I am soooo making a coupon binder now. Thank you sooo much for putting the video on.

  2. I love coupons too. I so need to do a couponing class...but I am loving this helpful post. I really need a binder.

  3. Thanks Mimi. Maybe you'll make a binder and show me some pics. We may be the next Coupon Queens :-)

  4. You saved $138 using coupons? Wow! Do you just clip them out of the newspaper inserts or do you print some online as well? I really need to use coupons more.

    ~ Nan


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