Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayer Bear

Ok I hate to admit this but well....let me tell you how it all began . When I was younger I went over to my grandmothers house where she presented me with what I like to call Prayer Bear . A cute little white angel bear that prays and sings.Well now the admitting part; Our daughter who is 6 Yrs old has a hard time focusing (duh she's 6) but anyways I have to pray with her every time she needs to pray (before eating,sleeping, riding in the car etc.)I have to pray with her. Well one night I was very tired and It was way passed her bed time (we went to church that night.)It was bed time which meant prayer time. I just wanted the bed to go to sleep is all I asked for, But I couldn't help but feel convicted so BING the light bulb came on in my head (PRAYER BEAR) Yes I took out that bear soooo fast and told her Close your eyes prayer bears going to pray for us and I pressed the button. OMG!! That bear had her attention she was focused in that prayer more than I had ever seen before. It worked out great for her and better for me. I got to go to bed.


  1. What a cool little bear. I have never heard of that. Adorable.

  2. Thanks!! A true gift from God it hasn't ran out of batteries since I had recieved it as a child.


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