Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Oh My Look What My House Threw Up!

So you all know I am a cleaner ,yep I'm always cleaning something. But I noticed my house was looking a little unorganized....... OK OK I won't lie it was A lot unorganized. Now I know it had to be bad because I NEVER ask my husband to help.(I feel like that's what I'm supposed to be doing ,You Know?) But I asked him for help. Of course nothing really happened with that . So I tried to do it alone MAN I was so overwhelmed.It's like there was clutter all in the closets,on the girls beds,in the floor . If someone were to walk in it wouldn't seem that bad but it was very unconventional for me. So I took off let me tell you I'm dedicating 1 day to just cleaning the house(and that's difficult for me cause I'm a little A.D.D) but I will try to just stay focused on cleaning the house. Also I went back to when my house was cleaner and wrote out a list to keep me on track. My sis SCHI gave me that idea { to be honest with you I was in denial , I didn't want to write out a list for the simple fact That just writing down all that needed to be done WORE ME OUT}, not kidding I needed to take a nap after reading that list. Awful isn't it Oh well. Ok some tips because I'm just blabbering on again....1.)write out a list 2.) talk to someone (we all at some point go through the same things) and 3.)Get on it ... I didn't realize how much stuff I had that I don't need OOH YEAH I'm scheduling  a donation pick up TODAY ..
Have Fun!!(gotta get back to cleaning)


  1. I'm feeling ya, girl! My house is messy too in spots. I've been working at picking it up but haven't been able to get the whole thing cleaned yet.

    It is always cleanest when I make sure it's picked up every night before bed, but lately I haven't been doing that....hence the mess.

    Our bedroom is a disaster area...sigh!

  2. I love to purge the house. Feels so good. In fact, I should be doing that soon.

  3. Thanks so much! I don't feel alone,It's so encouraging to hear from ladies that share the same things..


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