Monday, April 12, 2010

What Shall we do?

So sitting at home with our 6 year old daughter I wanted to do something fun.So I asked her "what shall we do ?" I just kept receiving the same response of "I don't know" Finally success came so naturally and we had a blast! I did her hair of course but to make it fun for us both (since I love doing her hair) I braided 1 small braid in her hair and let her pick out the beads that she wanted on the braid.That was also great because it kept her attention somewhere else,while I finished her entire head. Also after that I picked out a pretty pink color and painted her nails it was extra fun for her  because I let it seem like she picked out the color.LOL also I let her pick out 2 little nail stickers for her thumbs. We had a BLAST and it was so simple I can do that with her any day. We also got surprised with a game night at church where they had all sorts of games and prizes.The food wasn't bad either (and No it wasn't on my diet) But what can I say The fried fish fillets,hamburgers,hot dogs.fruit,baked beans and coleslaw were calling my name. Just remember simple activities can be sooo much fun for not only her(your child) but for You. I just let go and let her feel like she was in charge for the day..
Have Fun!.


  1. That does sound like a fun girly day. She looks so cute.

  2. Thank you so much. She was so excited and kept holding her braid all day.


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