Tuesday, April 6, 2010


How in the world can anyone teach an older child while caring for a toddler too? Toddlers have sticky fingers, loud voices, need LOTS of attention, and like to get into EVERYTHING! Well, I can only share what works best for our family. First off, I try to "fill my toddler's cup" by spending time with her first. I'll read to her or get her started on an activity. I also set up "stations" at the dining room table. We have four chairs at our table, so I set up four stations. The stations usually change weekly. I may have an area to work on puzzles at one chair, coloring at another, etc... Here's a couple of pictures of our stations for this week. This week we have an area for playing with play-doh, an area for coloring, an area for putting together puzzles, and an area for cutting. We use really neat safety scissors that hardly really cut at all, but she feels like she's cutting away like a big kid. I do an activity with my daughter and then a subject with my son, Back and forth, on and on, until we're done. Which is usually by noon. Hope that can help someone. By-the-way, I stopped being cheap and bought a new camera cord, so the pics. are back. I LOVE sharing my pictures with you all.


  1. I like the station idea. Great job.

  2. I love the station idea. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us :)

  3. These are great ideas and I love that you vary it. I remember trying to homeschool my oldest and trying to keep my toddler happy as well. I didn't want to homeschool during the youngest's nap time so we had to be flexible too.

    As he got a bit older I was able to fill the sink with water and bubbles and he would stand on a chair and play with some plastic dishes in the water.

    I also rotated toys so that the toys seemed "new" at homeschool time. They also enjoy having a cake sized pan (with rice in it) and driving cars through the rice or hiding small objects in it or using a funnel, etc.

    I tried letting him blow bubbles indoors and various other ideas, such as art like you're doing. Trial and error, that's for sure!

    ~ Nan

  4. Thanks you guys for the comments. Many more pictures to come, Sandra. I love sharing the pics. because it's like you guys came over for a visit. Nan, those ideas are great! I'm gonna have to take and use them all, especially the sink full of bubble water. Thanks for the support. You guys are AWESOME!!!


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