Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Or New?

So as I mentioned in my last post my daughter and I had a spa day . It was great however I failed to mention or realize till today what I did with the nail polish. So I am not really a nail polisher (on myself) So I didn't have any new polish I just had some old sticky dark red polish , not really a color for a 6 yr old girl (you know.) So as I almost sort of pout because I just know I have to go out and buy a new color that I would never wear.I thought let me use a trick my mother taught me and add some nail polish remover just a pinch, well a pinch made it not sticky but I still felt that it was too bright for my daughter so heck why not I added some more and more Yep kinda got carried away but the color was a fabulous shade of sparkly light pink perfect for both me and my daughter.So before you throw that old polish away drop some finger nail polish remover in there I bet it works and the color is FABULOUS!!


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