Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh where Oh where is my....... Tupperware?

I was digging and digging in my plastic ware cabinet looking for a lid. It always works that way{I'm in a rush and need to eat and I can't find a lid} Man I was all over the place by the time I found a lid it wasn't even the right size. I was famished For real I'm not kidding Here I was supposed to be leaving out the door with my handy container of food and ...I was Laid out on my kitchen floor legs and arms spread with sweat leaking down my brow FAMISHED. Anyways enough sulking.. After missing my appointment and obviously tired (and irritated) I was determined that I would never let this happen again. Oh yeah buddy I pulled out every [plastic bowl and every lid out of my cabinet. I placed every bowl with it's lid and every lid with it's bowl.Than I took a permanent marker and wrote a number on every bowl.Every bowl and lid had a corresponding number. Such as bowl # 1 went with Lid # 1.. and so on.
I haven't had a problem matching a bowl with it's lid ever since. Another tip if I couldn't find a lid for a bowl I tossed it (unless of course it was a serving bowl. lol)
Have fun you'll be surprised at how relaxing it is.

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