Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, I did my six weeks on Nutrisystem, with weekends off and the end result was a total of 5 lbs. lost. That was pretty good but I didn't continue it. Like everything else there were pros and cons:

easy to follow- I never had to think about what I was gonna eat

you eat plenty- I ate 3 meals, 2 snacks, and dessert everyday
lots of fiber-between the fiber they put in their food and the veggies I ate, there was plenty

I refused to look at the ingredients-there's words like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil

It's not a lifestyle-you can't be on Nutrisystem forever and I did the plan with weekends off, so there was no Nutrisystem 2 days a week.

I had weekends off-It was a good and bad to have weekends off. The good thing is that I got a break and was able to indulge a little. I can't stay on a strict diet plan with no days off. The bad thing is since I had weekends off, I had to figure out what plan I'd follow on the weekends and after spending all week not counting calories who wants to do it on the weekend.

Well, it didn't really work for me but it works well for a lot of people. Right after I quit doing Nutrisystem my focus was just how can I get thin? Obviously my focus was a little blurry, because my goal has never been to be thin. I just want to be healthy. So after much prayer, I thought back to when I felt my best and was a healthy weight and realized that I don't have to diet. I just need to stick with foods that I know that are good for me (whole foods) and get some exercise. Now about that exercise, when I go to a gym I get bored really easy. I mean you're just doing the same thing in the same place. Well, since the weather is getting better, I can spare the treadmill and myself being bored by going on walks with my kids. You don't stay in the same place and you don't see the same thing when you walk outside. Anyhoo, I feel much better about myself and what I'm doing. I just wish that I could have saved myself some time and figured out sooner. oh well that's life. You live and learn.


  1. Hey...5 pounds is better than 0. Good job. I wish I could lose just one:)

  2. Thanks for motivating! I know with weight loss you can always use motivation, SCHI Keep it up you are doing GRRRREEEAAAATTT!!


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